Portrait of Cara Delevingne “no longer required”


Break-ups are awful, and there is nothing worse than when we are left with a huge reminder of our former relationship.

This was the case for poor Michelle Rodriguez who split from Cara Delevingne recently.

The actress had commissioned a portrait of her former girlfriend from street artist Bambi Graffiti. However, after their break-up, it is not surprising that the 35-year-old wanted the portrait out of sight.

But rather than just quietly putting it in a box and hiding it in the attic like the rest of us would, Michelle actually shipped it back to the artist with a note saying “no longer required” attached to it. There’s no love lost here so!

Bambi’s manager, Lenny Villa, has confirmed the return, although he was slightly “baffled” as no one ever returns a Bambi painting – there’s always a first for everything!

He said: “No complaints were received. Just a note saying ‘no longer required’. Nobody ever sends back a Bambi. I’m baffled, but I’ll sell it again. People are queuing up to buy her work.”