Poets and p*ssheads? Irish no longer the heaviest drinkers in EU


Known the world over for our love of the gargle, it looks like Ireland's reputation as a nation of hard drinkers may be up for debate after a recent study determined that Ireland has dropped from the heaviest drinking nation to just above average.

17 years ago, Ireland was recognised as the heaviest drinking nation out of the 27 EU countries surveyed, but figures collated from a 2014 European Commission show that Ireland no longer holds the top spot.

Currently, Ireland takes the 12th spot, with the public consuming an average of 10.6 litres of pure alcohol per person.

However, despite the 23.6 per cent drop over the last 14 years, this figure is still 4.6 litres more than the global average.

Commenting on the findings, Eunan McKinney spokesperson for Alcohol Action Ireland, reminded the public that while the drop is, indeed, welcomed, it's important to remember our consumption is still twice the international average.

"We drink twice as much as global norms, and that, mixed with a cultural normalisation that disregards its impact, has fuelled our national crisis with alcohol."

"If Ireland were to follow the low-risk guidelines on alcohol consumption, 11 standard drinks for women and 17 for men, our target would be seven litres," he added.