Pizza grease is being used as a lippy remover and it’s making us VOM


This is SO gross, we just can't wrap our heads around it.

A beauty editor from Seventeen has decided to use pizza grease as a make-up remover, and even though she believes it's "a life-changing discovery," it has turned us off our favourite thing on earth – pizza.

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Now, don't get us wrong, as you probably know we have some major pizza-lovin' here in Shemazing! HQ, and if it was healthy enough, we'd eat it every day of the week.

But #FACT, most pizzas are not healthy, and are indeed, greasy, gloopy messes. So, imagine putting that on your skin?!

Kelsey Stegman made the discovery when she was wearing a Wet'n'Wild matte lipstick, which is basically concrete for your lips.

We'll admit that it did remove the make-up quite swiftly, but there's no hope we'd use it on a day to day basis… or at all, really.