Picture This just released their new music video and we’re sobbing

Picture This are back with new music and their new song is pulling at our heart strings like there’s no tomorrow. 

The band’s latest single One Night will resonate with anyone who has ever been cheated on by the person you love.


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Speaking about their new song, the Irish band said, “One Night’ is not just a song about the complete and utter turmoil of being cheated on by the one you love, it is a defiant stance to that stage where the person who has done you wrong says they wish they hadn’t, and they wish that they had done things differently. 

They added, “This song is saying maybe if you didn’t go and cause all the hurt that you caused then you wouldn’t be in this desperate position. We hope ‘One Night’ helps people to not pick up the phone to the so-called lovers who have broken their hearts.”


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Ryan Hennessy shows off his dance skills in the video for One Night and we have to admit, we're pretty impressed. 

The singer-songwriter and his love interest use the art of dance to tell a story of heartache and it has left fans in floods of tears.

One tweeted, ‘It is perfect. So emotional, especially in the end, I could not stop crying. Well done.’

‘I am DEAD, as a dancer I’m so emosh with this vid because I know how much a dance can tell a story,’ said another.

You can watch the full video below. Get the tissues ready.