Peter Andre makes MAJOR career and TV blunder!


Oooh, talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Peter Andre almost caused a Twitter meltdown after his recent appearance on Celebrity Juice. The forty-one-year old TV personality hinted that he finds his role as the face of supermarket chain, Iceland, a little embarrassing. Not the slickest of career moves!

Peter made the comments after co-panelist Olly Murs discussed the fact he had won Male Rear Of The Year. Attempting some banter with the lovely Olly, Peter said: “Olly, dude, you don’t need to be embarrassed, I’ve done an Iceland advert.” Cue major face-palming from the other guests when they realised Peter’s gaffe.

People took to Twitter to suggest Katie Price’s ex-husband might be dropped from Iceland’s campaigns as a result, saying “You won’t have an Iceland deal for much longer after that comment!”

But luckily for the star, the store saw the funny side, saying: “He was just joking. It’s the nature of the show, he’s a top bloke!” Phew.

Many celebs have been unceremoniously dropped from major campaigns in the past for illegal or inappropriate behaviour, but Peter probably knew that Iceland would take his cheeky comments on the chin.

Still, he might not be so lucky next time!