Peter Andre is quitting his showbiz life… to open up a restaurant chain?

Peter Andre is taking a big leap with his career this year as he has revealed he's quitting the showbiz scene.

The singer turned reality star wants to open up a chain of restaurants (surprise, surprise). He already has a chain of coffee shops in the UK, but wants to expand beyond that.

"I've enjoyed having my coffee shops (New York Coffee Club) but now I'm ready to do something a bit bigger," he told OK! Online.

"I know it's a risk, but I'm very excited about it. I love food and I love people."

He also said that he is not going to appear on anymore reality shows (which we can only see lasting a little while).

"I think I'm done now. I was scared to do Strictly because I knew technically I wasn't a brilliant dancer… But now I think I'd rather watch TV!"

We can't wait to hear more about his new restaurant venture. Will it play Mysterious Girl on repeat? Who knows..