Exercises for the high heel lovers

If you are a fan of really high heels you would do well to do some exercises that will strengthen your legs so that you don’t end up falling on your ear.

You have no excuse, even if you’re not a fan of the gym, because you can do these at home!

Calf raise
This is great for giving you strong calves to help keep your balance when strutting your stuff. Simply stand flat on the ground and then gently raise the heel of your foot up until you are standing on the ball of your foot. Do 10 sets and repeat. The more times you do it the more reps you can do.

Ankle twists
Loosen up your ankle and avoid tearing your ligaments with the ankle twist. Simply sit on the floor, lean back on your hands, bring your knees up and raise one foot at a time. With your foot in the air, spell out your name with your foot 10 times and repeat on the other foot.

Foot roll
This is great for loosening up the bottom of the feet which can get tight from wearing heels too long. Simply grab a rolling pin and lay it on the floor. Stand with your two feet flat on the ground. Lift one foot and put it on the rolling pin. Roll the bottom of your foot along the pin to massage it.