‘Pass the damn jar’ 10 things you’ll only know if peanut butter is BAE

Apparently you either love or hate peanut butter, and considering that it's the nicest thing on the whole damn planet, we can only assume that those who hate it simply haven't tried it.

There, we said it.

Smooth or chunky, regular or organic; there's little we wouldn't do to get our hands on a jar of that stuff.

And here are just ten things you'll know if you're pretty much obsessed with peanut butter.

1. People who argue the pros and cons of chunky over smooth are mere amateurs, and have yet to attain true connoisseur status.

"Shut up and eat it, or get the hell out of my kitchen."

2. You get used to talking through a Sahara-dry post-peanut sandwich mouth, and it's a price you're willing to pay.

"That sound? Oh. it's just me peeling my tongue from the roof of my mouth."

3. When you discovered the combination of apple slices and spoons of peanut butter, your whole world changed.

"You gotta listen – the dryness of the peanut butter mixed with the crispness of the apple is what this life is all about."

4. You have been known to happily eat it by the spoonful without the aid of bread, crackers or apples.

"Look at me all you want."

5. You've weighed up the cost of jars, and decided that splashing out on a giant tub for a tenner once a week is worth it.

"It's economical, and I'm a genius."

6.  Reece's Peanut Butter Cups are your today, your tomorrow and your forever.

"Remember a time when Ireland didn't have these? It was our darkest hour."

7. You've tried a PB&J sandwich, but secretly lamented the fact you'd have to take up valuable space with some damn jam.

"I'll eat it, and it's good, but this is an unnecessary combo."

8. You've added so much peanut butter to so-called healthy smoothies, you've basically negated the whole process.

"I'm drinking liquidised PB and there's nothing no one can do about it."

9.You have – more than once – sat and considered how different your life might be had you been born with a nut allergy.

"There but for the grace of God, go I…"

10.The fact that some peanut butter can be considered *relatively healthy* never fails to bring you joy.

"Pass that jar. It's time to start looking after myself."