Parents arrested for abandoning their baby… to play Pokémon Go!

Brent and Brianna Daley were arrested this week after leaving their two-year-old son at home alone for about 90 minutes.

The real kicker to the story? The young parents were just driving around their area playing Pokémon Go!

The family are from Arizona, and have been experiencing a heat wave this summer, with the temperature being 35 degrees when the young boy was left alone. 

According to reports, the two-year-old was found “red faced, sweaty and dirty” outside his home while barefoot and only wearing a nappy!  

When authorities arrived to the house, they said they found the boy “screaming and crying attempting to get into the residence."

When the police called Brent Daley, the boy's father, he answered and said, “whatever,” when told that they had found the boy abandoned.

After the parents were taken into custody, they admitted that they had left the child alone for roughly 90 minutes. 

In a press release, the local Sheriff said that “The couple admitted they were away for the residence for up to 90 minutes playing Pokémon Go! the smartphone game,” 

The Sheriff, who is also running for local government in Arizona, posted a status on Facebook about the situation.

Brianna and Brent Daley were booked into the local county jail on charges of child neglect and endangerment. 

It is not clear if the couple has hired legal aid, but the child is now with child protective services in Arizona.