Panti Bliss had a GAS response to making TIME’s most influential list


No one was more surprised than Panti Bliss after she discovered she was on the shortlist to feature in TIME Magazine's top 100 most influential people in the world for this year. 

And not only is the Irish queen on the list, but she's doing extremely well in the public vote which sees her ranking higher than the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Zuckerberg and Taylor Swift. 

Panti is listed on the site as being: "one of Ireland's most prominent advocates for LGBT rights ahead of the country's historic 2015 vote in favour of same-sex marriage."

"Since, Bliss has become a global champion for equality."

And in true Panti Bliss form, the queen has had a pretty gas reaction to the news on social media. 

Even though J.K has since surpassed Panti in the poll, it it still an incredible feat for the author and personality. 

Panti, whose real name is Rory O' Neill, is one 127 people from around the world that were handpicked to make the list, with the official 100 being decided by a public vote. 

And her reaction to reports that she had '"topped Mark Zuckerberg in the poll" was also totally on point. 

Nothing gets past this savvy queen!