Paloma Faith says she is not raising her daughter as gender-neutral

Paloma Faith has shut down claims that she is raising her daughter as gender-neutral. The singer opened up about motherhood on Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby.

The mums discussed using gender-neutral terms and the abuse she faced when she expressed her views.

She told Giovanna,  "I had people calling me a child abuser online for saying that. Which was weird. I think that's sort of part and parcel of why I didn't want that information out, and I still sort of withhold that. So if I'm with my child in public and someone comes over and asks to have their picture taken with me I never do it. At this moment my child has no idea that I'm famous or different from anyone else."


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“I was misunderstood. I don’t encourage gender rigidity with toys, but really, I was traumatised by the birth and protective of our privacy,” she told Radio Times.

“I wanted her to develop into herself before the world decided who she was,” she explained.

The mum added that she has felt like a lioness since welcoming her daughter into the world, “She makes me look at the world in a way I’ve neglected for a long time.”

Paloma gave birth to her daughter in December 2016.