‘Overwhelming feeling of happiness’: Vogue talks Gigi’s birth

The Irish model and DJ, Vogue Williams gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Gigi Margaux Matthews, on July 22, and the mum has revealed her birth was completley different to her firstborn Theodore's.

Vogue jokingly described the event as a ‘lovely day out,’ when she spoke to Hello! Magazine. "My contractions weren't actually too bad so I was doing gas and air for ages, which was great because I felt a bit drunk… I haven’t felt like that in a while", Vogue bantered.

Vogue then went on to describe how she got an epidural when the pain escalated slightly and that she gave birth shortly afterwards without any complications.


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Meanwhile, husband, Spencer Matthews, got to sit back and relax with the epic film, Gladiator, while he waited for his little girl to arrive. "I loved it. We'd done it before, obviously – similar room, same doctor, and absolutely no complications at all this time."

Much to her own surprise, Vogue became overcome with emotion when she finally got to meet Gigi. “It was an overwhelming feeling of happiness, and – I'm not usually a crier – I did cry. It was a long day and I was exhausted, emotional, and so happy and delighted that everything went smoothly and safely. That's all you really want," she said.


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When the question of more kids came up the two were of slightly different opinions. “I would like more kids. Five more?” Spencer pondered, while Vogue would like a marginally smaller brood, planning to have one to two more babies: adding to their current family-of-four.