Our step by step guide on how to take the perfect selfie

In this day and age, you just HAVE to know how to take a decent selfie. Even if you’re not fond of them yourself, what if someone stops you out of the blue and includes you in THEIR selfie? Are you just going to stare at the camera like a deer caught in headlights? Of course not. You’re going to strike a pose. And here is how you do just that:

Know your good side
Everyone has a good side – well, most of us. Beyoncé probably looks good from both sides, but she’s clearly not human, so… just go home Beyoncé. The rest of us have to jump to the right side of whoever we’re taking a selfie with so that our good side is in the shot. And then…

Look up
Never look down into the camera for a selfie – unless you want to get all your chins in the shot. Nobody looks good from this angle – not even Beyoncé we bet. You could stare straight ahead but this is what you do when you’re taking your passport photo and we know how they turn out. So look up into the camera so that your eyes look big and beautiful.

Choose an expression
What kind of face you want to pull is up to you. However, may we suggest refraining from the pout. It’s kind of over and people only really use it when they’re taking the mick out of selfies. A smile is always good – or a sultry stare if you can pull it off. Sticking your tongue out is ok, but it’s best used when you’re with your friends, to show how much fun you’re having. When you’re on your own, it’s just a bit weird.

Snap it
Press the button, and try to keep your eyes open for the flash.

Check it
Check to make sure you’re happy with it before posting it anywhere, and then…

Take 100 more
Taking a good selfie is a hit and miss kind of a thing, so you’re probably going to take a LOT of photos before you get one you’re happy with. That’s half the fun though, right? Just make sure your photos aren’t automatically uploaded to your online account before you start snapping!