Our favourite Christmassy ‘Friends’ episodes ranked!

Two things we love more than anything in the world?

Friends and Christmas time.

So rounding up our favourite Christmas/seasonal episodes Friends seemed like the only logical thing to do! So whether you’re more of a Holiday Armadillo or a Surprise Santa, we’ve got the perfect episodes for you and the gang to binge to get into the holiday spirit! Enjoy!

Season 7 Episode 10: The One with the Holiday Armadillo


Probably the most iconic Christmas episode of all time, The One with the Holiday Armadillo is not only adorable because it features young Cole/Dylan Sprouse in all their blonde cuteness. It’s also a super wholesome watch because Ross is such a great dad in it, going above and beyond to teach his son about Hanukah and Chandler saves the day as the fun uncle, combining the magic of the two holidays to make it really special for Ben.

In the episode before this, Monica totally wears herself out making the Christmas candy fir the neighbors that becomes so popular that she has people banging on her door in the middle of the night! Both great, Christmassy episodes that really makes you feel the holiday magic!

Season 9 Episode 10: The One with the Christmas in Tulsa


Anyone who loves Chandler and Monica together will love this episode. The whole time we think Chandler will have to stay in Tulsa, where he’s been semi-accidentally relocated for work. Monica faces into a Christmas without her husband during on of their first few years of marriage and Chandler faces a Christmas alone in an office – albeit with a coworker who’s trying to seduce him.

However, Chandler comes through as a great boss and husband, sending his team home to be with their families at Christmas and quitting to make it home for a wholesome reunion with the gang and his wife. An episode full of flashbacks, it’s a great one for looking back on the Friends’ journey!

Season 6 Episode 10: The One with the Routine


A truly iconic episode – even if some of it does take place a little bit after Christmas – The One with the Routine is a hilarious rollercoaster of love and laughter as Monica and Ross pull out all the stops at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve with their childhood dance routine. A stroke of comedic genius, it’s one of the most memorable moments in the entire series. Meanwhile, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel are all of us as they try to find Monica’s hidden Christmas presents to attempt to out-do her gift-giving abilities. Full of Christmas decorations, cheer and competition, it’s the perfect combo of hilarious and wholesome.

Season 3 Episode 10: The One where Rachel Quits


An earlier episode than the others, Phoebe plays a key role in the seasonal end of this episode, Joey works as a Christmas tree seller in between acting jobs and traumatises Phoebe when she visits him in work by showing her where the dead or unsold trees go – the shredder.

Of course, this does not go down well with eco-lover Phoebe and a battle of morals ensues as Phoebe begs him to save the tress so they can ‘fulfill their Christmas Destiny’. He episode ends with Phoebe coming to Monica’s apartment to find lots of dead and dying trees saved by Joey, ornamented to fulfill their Christmas destinies. Super wholesome and a real feel-good episode.

Season 5 Episode 10: The One with the Inappropriate Sister


One of the slightly less Christmassy ones, but with Christmassy elements nonetheless, The One with the Inappropriate Sister sees Phoebe again carrying the seasonal element as she volunteers to raise money for the poor by bell-ringing and bucket-collecting to ‘spread the joy’.

Of course, things go wrong pretty quickly as a combo of people looking for change, using it as a bin and eventually setting her bucket on fire leads to Phoebe becoming the most ferocious bell-ringer in New York. A hilarious episode with lots of background Christmas decorations and hilarious moments like Rachel getting freaked out at how close Danny is to his sister, it’s well worth the watch.