Our best advice for how you can rescue damaged makeup products


Every time I accidentally drop a makeup product, I automatically get a chilling fear that I have destroyed it for good.

Some of our most beloved products can also be the most expensive ones, meaning that I’m always scared of accidentally damaging them and needing to repurchase them.

The fragile products and their glossy packaging means that, with the slip of your fingers, they can be easily dropped. So, how can we rescue them?

Well, thankfully, we have a few answers! Below, you will find rescue remedies for everything from clumpy mascaras and sun-kissed bronzers, to beautiful lipsticks and dazzling highlighters.

So, the next time you inevitably end up smashing one of your favourite makeup items, do not worry! One of these tricks will be here to save the day:

How to fix a broken powder:

Many makeup items come under the umbrella of being a powdered product – these include the likes of eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter, blusher and face powder. Depending on the severity of your smashed product, there are a few ways to rectify the damage.

If only a tiny portion of your product has cracked, tap the excess off into a separate container. 

Then, slowly press the fallen product back into the powder’s packaging. It is important to do this step gently, so that it won’t run the risk of breaking by itself in the future.

Of course, there are occasions when powdered products smash into a million pieces, and it seems as though you will never be able to use it again. This doesn’t have to be the case, though!

For restoring deeply cracked powders, you have two main options. First, if you are unwilling to get a bit crafty and you are looking for a quick fix, then transforming the item into a loose powder will be your best bet. 

To do this, we would recommend breaking up the powder as much as possible (yes, we know this seems wrong, but trust us!).

Then, take an empty loose powder container and gently transfer the product into it, making sure not to spill any of it. Voila, you have an (almost) new loose powder.

However, not all of us are fans of the loose powder trend, and when a pressed powder breaks, all we want is to magically fix it back into its original state. Well, this is possible, and all you need is some rubbing alcohol!

Collect the broken pieces of the powder and put as much of it back into its container as you possibly can – using tools such as a toothpick can help you to achieve this.

Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and sprinkle it on top of the powder. Smooth the product out with your hand, or with the end of a spoon. Then, leave it to dry and set for a few hours.

How to fix a clumpy mascara:

As soon as our mascaras start to go clumpy, our natural instinct is to run to the pharmacy and buy a new one. This isn’t necessary though!

Simply secure the cap of your mascara to the tube, and place the packaging into some hot water for a maximum of three minutes. The heat of the water will work its magic and will help to melt away any clumps. Voila!

How to fix a broken lipstick:

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a lipstick breaking off in two, especially if it is your favourite shade. The good news, though, is that it is fixable.

Just like you would with a piece of wax, you need to mould the product back together. To do this, heat the bottom of the broken piece of lipstick with a hairdryer for 8 to 10 seconds. Be sure to also heat the remaining part of the lipstick in the packaging for the same amount of time.

With both ends of the lipstick melted slightly, you will then be able to gently fuse them back together, pushing down softly. Allow it to set for a few minutes, and store it in the fridge overnight to secure it in place. Perfection!