Our all-time favourite Hollywood couple have reportedly split up

When Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone got together back in 2012 during the filming of The Amazing Spiderman, our little hearts melted with happiness.

They were clearly the perfect couple – just look at them there, fighting back against the paparazzi together…

Taking part in hilarious photobombs…

And being generally adorbz…

Now though, it looks like Emma and Andrew's romance could be over, with reports they are going through a "rough patch" and have "drifted apart."

According to Hollywood Life, the beloved couple are taking some time away from one another to sort things out.

"They are taking some time apart…. They need to know if what they once had is worth saving… It’s an unspoken issue, but everybody knows they are on hold," a source told Star magazine.

Andrew's no-show at this year's Oscars and Golden Globes was apparently a telltale sign something was up, especially given the fact that Emma was nominated for awards at both.

"Yes, Andrew was filming but he could have gotten away if he really wanted to. The fact was, neither one of them wanted to plaster on a smile and pretend everything was OK when it wasn’t," said the source.

Before we all go into full panic mode though, it's important to note that these "anonymous" sources aren't always exactly reliable, so we'll be holding back the tears until we hear confirmation from the couple themselves.