One Made In Chelsea star blasts Gemma Collins for leaving TOWIE

There’s one more reality TV show that Gemma Collins can cross off her to-do list.

This time however it won’t be because of a much talked about appearance because one Made In Chelsea star has apparently made it very clear that she is not welcome.


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Gemma, who has just recently announced her departure from The Only Way is Essex, came under fire when Jamie Laing was interviewed by the Mirror Online.

“We won't just invite anyone to join.” The 26-year old said. He added that Gemma joining their cast was something he didn’t think would ever happen.

Also, Jaime pointed out he is not wild about reality stars who leave their shows once they become famous.

He said that ditching the show that made you famous was “the worst thing you can do.”

"You should stay loyal and true to your roots. Remember where you came from. If you are thinking of leaving then it should be a gradual transition.”

He said that he has no plans to leave MIC for now and is thankful for the show giving him his “place in the media world.”


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Jamie was also seriously unimpressed after hearing that Gemma was suspended from TOWIE following her supposed “hissy fit” while filming in Marbella.

The series regular said that “Everyone needs to stop being idiots… We should inspire young people. Keep that in mind.”

Does this mean we won’t get the chance to see the greatest reality TV series crossover of our time? It would appear that if Jamie was in control then probably not.