One in six women would swap sex for cake

In a highly dubious study conducted by Mr Kipling for National Cake Week, it was found that 16% of women (and 9% of men) would pick a slice of their favourite cake over ever having sex again.

These people either have really bad sex lives or an incredible recipe for cake.

The same study found that a quarter of people would give up wine, Facebook or Twitter for a slice of cake, and 13% would abandon their phone or their favourite TV show.

Mr Kipling also found that people use cake for nefarious purposes. One in eight of us have brought cake into the office just to get on the boss’ good side, and 11% of men have tried to win a girl's heart with cake.

If you did that survey about chocolate, it would go up to 100%.

A spokesperson for Mr Kipling said that “cake is one of the things the nation simply cannot live without, even if it’s just a little treat every now and then.”

Well they obviously have no ulterior motive in finding that cake is more important than life, so lets just take this study at face value.