One Direction’s Harry Styles admits worry after vomit goes on sale


Have you ever loved someone so much you paid for their vom over the internet?

We didn’t think so…

A few weeks ago, One Direction star Harry Styles puked on the side of the road in America and fans erected a shrine at the spot. That’s fair enough, but what happened next will turn your stomach…

Bandmate, Liam Payne then told BBC Radio’s Scott Mills that he actually saw Harry’s sick being sold on eBay.

His actual sick. For sale. On eBay.

Liam said: “Woah I saw that thing [the eBay post], it’s weird.”

Harry himself said that the whole incident – shrine and all – is a little alarming: “It’s worrying that this is the world we live in.”

The singer also said that he was not sick due to alcohol, but hiking: “I’d been on a hike. I’d been on a very long hike.”

A very long hike back from the pub was it, Harry? You can tell us…