One Direction star arrested in front of fans


Louis Tomlinson has some explaining to do!

The 1D singer was carted off by police yesterday – and he didn't look one bit happy about it. 

Before you start planning on camping outside his local prison though, don't panic – it was all a bit of fun for the lads' new video.

For the shoot, the 22-year-old singer gets in an altercation with a policeman after being pulled over in his car.

Despite his pouting face, it appears Louis had a good time filming the scene, if this tweet is anything to go by:

Harry Styles was also spotted filming scenes for the new vid earlier in the week, this time on an ice rink. Hmmm… we're just a touch confused as to what the video is actually going to be about!

The boys are no stranger to bizarre scenes in their vids, though. The Steal My Girl video was released last week and features an odd mix of characters – from Danny de Vito to a team of sumo wrestlers!

We do like the song a LOT, despite the very, very odd video. And it seems we're not the only ones – the band's new album, Four, hits shelves on November 17 and has already made number one on album charts in 65 countries since it was made available for pre-order.