OMG! Kim and Kanye are officially husband and wife!


Kim and Kayne are married…Finally!

After a nearly week-long Parisian celebration, the pair tied the knot at sunset at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.

Rich Wilkerson Jr., a pastor from North Miami, performed the ceremony, while Andrea Bocelli sang Con te Partiró as Kim was walked down the aisle by Bruce Jenner.

The couple were married in front of a massive wall of flowers.

Before the ceremony, Kanye was the typical nervous groom, swigging obsessively from a bottle of water and shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Ah bless!

Vows were intimate and spoken softly, according to a source, and after both Kanye and Kim were beaming.

It was all magical…But where was Beyoncé and Jay Z?!

They are meant to be Kanye’s closest friends, so it can only be seen as the ultimate snub that the couple were no-show at the extravagant nuptials.

As if their no show was not enough, Beyoncé seemed to be sending a pretty clear message as she posted a make-up free selfie on her Instagram, with no comment, as the wedding got underway.

What a slap in the face!