Óir – the Zarbee’s Garden by Leonie Cornelius will launch at Bloom 2024

Zarbee’s, the honey-based cough and sore throat syrups and immune support supplements proudly unveils its plans coming in to Bloom within its first year of launching in Ireland. Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden, designed by award winning garden designer Leonie Cornelius, launches at Bord Bia Bloom 2024, Ireland’s largest and most spectacular gardening event, taking place this June Bank Holiday May 30th to June 3rd. 

From the Irish for ‘golden’, Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden takes its inspiration from the power of the wild and the precious liquid gold produced by bees in our gardens.  A balcony garden, occupying just 2 metres x 5 metres in space, Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden will explore big ideas on wellbeing, how planting can attract both glimmers of light and life to the smallest spaces and how the tiniest things can bring the greatest joy.  Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden will be a celebration of bees, drawing inspiration from the colours and natural ingredients in this honey-powered range.  The garden will be filled with scent and colour with pollinator friendly planting, soft blues, pinks and lavenders, headily scented herbs along with surprise pops of colour from the lowly dandelion, a vital first food source for bees that brings bursts of sunshine and draws hum to the hedgerows after a long winter.   

“We want to tap into that golden, wild feel, the power of natural beauty,” says Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden designer Leonie Cornelius.  “By observing and celebrating the power of the wild we can create space – and spaces – for ourselves for more wellbeing. In the garden we are using naturally pigmented earthy tones teamed with soft and joyful planting filled with scent, pollinators and a few design surprises. Our hope is that it will be a space that aims to offer inspiration and promote harmony and a balanced connection to nature, where we can be kind to ourselves and to the wild, even in compact spaces.”

Garden Designer Leonie Cornelius

Speaking about the launch of Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden, Niamh Sugrue, Zarbee’s Brand Manager Ireland said “We are delighted to bring Zarbee’s ethos to life through Leonie’s creative vision and talent in creating something so beautiful and inspiring.  Zarbee’s believes that kindness isn’t about looking after everyone else, it’s also about looking after yourself too.  Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden aims to inspire people to be kind to themselves, to find their own daily gold from nature to benefit general wellbeing and bring joy.” 

Zarbee’s is inspired by nature, fueled by kindness and with curated ingredients backed by science, providing two great tasting ranges; Cough & Sore Throat syrups (medical devices) for the treatment of coughs and sore throats, and Immune Support supplements developed to support your family’s immune system.  All of Zarbee’s products are made with naturally sourced ingredients, pure honey and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden, designed by Leonie Cornelius will be located in area 19 at Bord Bia Bloom in the Phoenix Park, May 30th to June 3rd, 2024, running from 9am to 6pm daily.  The Zarbee’s team will be there all weekend where you can taste the range, pick up some planting inspiration or activity sheets and stickers for little ones. 

For more information on the Zarbee’s range visit www.zarbees.ie or on Óir – The Zarbee’s Garden, visit www.bordbiabloom.com.