Normal People author Sally Rooney unveils new book Intermezzo

There’s a new Sally Rooney novel on the way!

Three years after her last book, Beautiful World, Where Are You?, was published, Irish writer Sally Rooney has announced her fourth novel.

Later this year, Sally will be releasing Intermezzo, which has been described by her publishers as “an exquisitely moving story about grief, love and family”.


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Centering around brothers Peter and Ivan Koubek, the synposis reads: “Peter is a Dublin lawyer in his thirties – successful, competent and apparently unassailable. But in the wake of their father’s death, he’s medicating himself to sleep and struggling to manage his relationships with two very different women – his enduring first love Sylvia, and Naomi, a college student for whom life is one long joke."

It continues: “Ivan is a twenty-two-year-old competitive chess player. He has always seen himself as socially awkward, a loner, the antithesis of his glib elder brother. Now, in the early weeks of his bereavement, Ivan meets Margaret, an older woman emerging from her own turbulent past, and their lives become rapidly and intensely intertwined.”

In their official description for Intermezzo, publisher Faber and Faber writes: “For two grieving brothers and the people they love, this is a new interlude – a period of desire, despair and possibility, – a chance to find out how much one life might hold inside itself without breaking.”

Sally has enjoyed phenomenal success with her previous books, with all of them becoming international bestsellers. Her books have sold 3 million copies in the UK and Ireland alone, and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

The 33-year-old is arguably best known for her first two books, Normal People and Conversations With Friends, both of which were adapted into miniseries for the BBC in recent years.

We don't have too long to wait until Sally’s brand new novel hits bookshelves, as Intermezzo is set to be released on September 24.