No voters have defaced Ben Bulben in Sligo, and we’re appalled

So I'm writing this article as a YES voter, who has a mother, Grandmother and extended family from Sligo.

I grew up in this beautiful county, which is so rich in culture and beauty.

One of the most admired landmarks in Sligo is Ben Bulben mountain.

WB Yeats is buried beneath it, and it is a symbol of the true beauty of our country.

That was, until it was defaced with plastic, making a political statement.

A group called Sligo for Life spent the early hours of this morning erecting a sign, which refers to Ireland's upcoming referendum on removing the Eighth Amendment from the constitution. 

Simply stating 'NO' in large white plastic, the sign is diminishing the beauty of the mountain. 

Earlier today, Sligo County Council made a statement: "As the land where the lettering was placed is commonage, Sligo County Council has no role in this matter."

I am all for allowing both sides to have their say, but honestly, this is too bloody far.