No need to run everyday to be healthy

It seems ‘lazy jogging’ is the latest fitness trend to hit and we have to admit we love it!

It doesn’t mean jogging while sitting on the couch (if that is even possible…) what it does mean is running for short periods at a reduced speed – so basically a fairly quick walk but not quite a run!

According to a study of 55,000 adults over 18, those who ran less than 60 minutes in a week benefited just as much as those who did more than three hours – we’re pretty sure they weren’t as fit though?!

Dr. Duck-Chul Lee – we are absolutely loving his name – from Iowa State University, said: "Running may be a better exercise option than more moderate intensity exercises for healthy but sedentary people since it produces similar, if not greater, mortality benefits in five to 10 minutes compared to the 15 to 20 minutes per day of moderate intensity activity that many find too time consuming."

So, now you definitely can’t use the excuse of 'I don’t have time to be healthy'!