No meat today! 12 deadly vegetarian dinners

Whether you are a bona fide vegetarian or just someone conscious of their meat intake, plant-based recipes are now probably a part of your diet. 

There are countless benefits to eating vegetarian meals, such as increasing your vegetable intake (and therefore your fibre and vitamin intake), saving money and making a gesture for the environment.

The following recipes will give you loads of inspiration on what to cook for Meatless Mondays and all the other days of the week!

1. Tagliatelle with vegetable ragu

2. Courgette pancakes with feta and peppers

3. Vegetarian pad thai

4. Roasted vegetable lasagne

5. Cauliflower cheese

6. Spinach and ricotta crumble


7. Spicy black bean fajitas with avocado salsa

8. Stuffed sweet potatoes

9. Kale penne carbonara

10. Tomato, olive oil and basil pizza

11. Lentil burgers

12. Butternut squash wedges with crispy kale and houmous