No F**KS given! Woman decides to dye her hair… on a subway train

Listen, we've all been there… you're running late, so you end up doing your hair or makeup on the bus or train. 

However, one BRAVE woman in New York took it to a whole other level, when she dyed her hair while on the subway. 

Watching the video, we don't know if we are appalled, or seriously impressed (probably a combination of the two!)

The woman can be seen literally smothering her hair with dye, and there is not a mirror in sight. 

Despite the woman's bravery/ stupidity, we can't help but think that the real MVP in this video is the man sitting next to this woman. 

He doesn't bat an eyelid at the fact that there is a person next to him, using permanent hair dye, never mind that pungent smell that must be coming from the dye. 

The mysterious man is the true hero in this tale.