J-Law’s ex is moving on – you won’t believe who with…


It's been seven months since Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence parted ways, and while J-Law didn't waste much time getting cosy with someone new, Nicholas has been taking his time.

It seems the wait has paid off though, as the English actor is reportedly now dating the beautiful Dianna Agron.

​Nicholas and the Glee star have been taking things slowly, but they're apparently already smitten. "They've been friends for a long time. It's early days but things between them are ticking along nicely," a source told The Sun.

"Nicholas is very low key so at first, Dianna would just tag along with him to the pub and she'd be part of the gang. No one thought much of it but recently they've become quite close and are behaving quite couply," said the insider.

The pair were reportedly spotted kissing at a pub in West Hempstead over the weekend, fuelling speculation that they were indeed an item. 

Dianna is currently living in London as she rehearses for her lead role in the West End play, McQueen, which kicks off at St James' Theatre on May 12th. The show runs until early June, so she and Nicholas will have plenty of time for more pub dates.

As for Jennifer, she has been in an on-and-off relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for several months, with the pair spotted on a number of dates in recent weeks.

We're glad to see J-Law and Nicholas are moving on – but is it bad we're skill kinda holding out hope for a reunion?!