New York’s Central Park is turned into a ‘No Selfie Zone’

We love a good selfie as much as the rest of them, but the craze has gotten a bit out hand lately (we think Kim K's book of selfies was the tipping point). So, in a bid to crack down on the culture of vanity, Central Park was turned into a ‘No Selfie Zone’ – at least for a while!

Comedian and writer Jena Kingsley put up ‘No Selfie Zone’ signs around the park and dressed up in a uniform, claiming to be the 'selfie police'. She then patrolled the area, and told people that the only way of getting out of the $50 fine was to delete the picture in front of her – and of course, the whole thing was caught on a hidden camera, for your viewing pleasure.

We know this was just a prank, but we’re starting to think it wouldn’t actually be a bad idea!