New research: Greek & Lebanese dishes are Irish vegans’ cuisine of choice!

With Veganuary 2022 in full swing, Deliveroo is looking back on how veganism continued to grow in popularity throughout Ireland during 2021.

As it turns out, residents of the Emerald Isle love eating their greens. Deliveroo witnessed the amount of vegan orders on the app increase by a massive 80% throughout 2021, demonstrating that veganism is not a fad.

To cater to the increased demand for veganism, Deliveroo saw a 20% increase in the number of restaurants on the app in Ireland that have at least one vegan option on their menus.

The Irish might be embracing veganism, but they’re looking to other nations for inspiration when placing their takeaway orders. Mediterranean cuisines, principally Greek and Lebanese dishes, are a firm favourite with Irish vegans. Why look further than the birthplace of hummus and falafel?!

Dublin and Belfast were the top 2 cities for vegan orders, which is unsurprising considering they are the most populous cities on the island. However, Galway, which has a much smaller population, ranked third for top cities in Ireland that order the most vegan dishes – demonstrating that plant based diets are also a trend in the West.

The most popular restaurants on Deliveroo that serve vegan dishes, broken down by Irish city, are as follows:

Dublin: Umi Falafel; Sprout; V-Face; Shouk; Starbucks; Milano; Sprezzatura and PI

Belfast: Bao Bun; Umi Falafel and Slims Healthy kitchen

Galway: The gourmet Offensive (TGO Falafel Bar); Xian Street Food and Milano

Cork: VeganKO; Umi Falafel and Milano

Commenting on the growth of veganism in Ireland, Paddy Quinlan, regional manager at Deliveroo said: “We are continuing to witness an increase in demand from our customers for Vegan dishes. Over the last year, so many of our restaurant partners have stepped up to the challenge creating exciting new vegan dishes. Vegan and Plant-based food is a growth area we are really excited by at Deliveroo!”