New research finds bump painting & baby showers surge in popularity

Hypnobirthing, gender reveal parties, and 'bump' photoshoots are among the fastest-rising pregnancy trends, according to research commissioned by Vitabiotics, the makers of leading pregnancy supplement brand, Pregnacare. The findings also uncovered that elaborate social media pregnancy reveals, baby showers, and 'babymoons' have also seen a huge rise in popularity since 2020. Other traditions have seen a consistent decline including new fathers wetting the baby’s head, with only one in ten new dads heading to the pub to toast the birth.

Social media and celebrity trends are impacting the pregnancy journey for many. The study found that capturing the magic moment of announcing a pregnancy to family and friends has increased six times (600 %) compared to just four years ago. Parties to reveal either the baby’s gender or name have also risen by 500%, while announcing the pregnancy with an elaborate social media post has gone from just 3% in 2020 to 1 in 5 in 2024.

Other pregnancy trends seeing a rise popularity since the turn of the decade include bump painting (up 300%), 4D scans (up 225%), hypnobirthing (up 500%) and setting up a social media account for the baby (up 300%).

However, 76% of those polled acknowledged that some pregnancy trends are “a little extreme”, as gender reveal parties and pregnancy announcements become more extravagant. More than three quarters (76%) feel traditional pregnancy activities have changed since the birth of their first child, with 16% admitting to being influenced by celebrities or social media.

A spokesperson for Vitabiotics Pregnacare added: “A lot has changed around pregnancy in recent years – but the importance of good nutrition is one thing that remains a constant. It is also interesting to see the percentage of women taking pregnancy supplements has increased in line with many of the other trends.”

Top 30 Fastest Rising Pregnancy Trends (percentage increase of parents taking part since 2020 compared to pre-2020)

  1. Filming family/ friends’ reaction to the pregnancy reveal (Up 600%)               
  2. Following pregnant influencers /celebrities (Up 550%)              
  3. Hypnobirthing (Up 500%)
  4. Gender reveal parties (Up 500%)        
  5. Name reveal parties (Up 500%)
  6. Setting up an email address for the baby (Up 500%)     
  7. Creating a registry/list of baby products for people to buy (Up 450%)        
  8. Elaborate social media pregnancy announcement (Up 400%)        
  9. Putting a recording of the baby’s heartbeat in a toy/teddy bear (Up 400%)           
  10. Filming the other parent’s reaction to the positive pregnancy test (Up 400%)                       
  11. Set up a social media account for the baby (Up 300%)              
  12. Bump painting (Up 300%)        
  13. Baby showers (Up 270%)        
  14. Babymoons (Up 267%)        
  15. Making a birthing music playlist (Up 250%)        
  16. 4D scans (Up 225%)        
  17. Buying personalized items with the baby’s name on (Up 233%)
  18. Pregnancy yoga/ Pilates (Up 200%)        
  19. Pregnancy photoshoots (Up 200%)        
  20. Making an Instagram reel or TikTok of the pregnancy journey (Up 200%)        
  21. Bump/ belly casts (Up 200%)     
  22. Taking bump photos at home (Up 183%)   
  23. Meditation during pregnancy (Up 167%)
  24. 3D scans (Up 143%)        
  25. Writing a birth plan (Up 143%)
  26. NCT (National Childbirth Trust)/ or similar class (Up 128%)
  27. Playing music/ singing to the bump (Up 100%)        
  28. Finding out the gender of the baby before birth (Up 96%)        
  29. Exercised during pregnancy (Up 76%)        
  30. Keeping the pregnancy to yourself for as long as possible (Up 70%)

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