New regulations could see rickshaws banned on Irish streets


Rickshaws could soon be banned in Ireland, as Minster for Transport Shane Ross looks set to propose new regulations at an Oireachtas committee today. 

According to the Irish Times, the National Transport Authority has been carrying out a review of rickshaw operations, and Minister Ross is expected to confirm that he has been debating between regulation of the vehicles or an outright ban. 

In his opening statements, Ross is expected to say: 

"Rickshaws are arguably meeting a niche demand which is not being met by the traditional public transport services.

"Regulating could allow rickshaws to continue in operation, contributing a fun and vibrant aspect to city life.

"However, significant resources would need to be invested. More admin and enforcement resources would be needed in the National Transport Authority and the Garda, possibly also in the Road Safety Authority."

It's understood that, if enforced, new regulations would see rickshaw drivers be required to have driver and operator licensing, motor tax and vehicle registration as well as certification of the road-worthiness of their vehicle. 

Looks like we could be walking to Coppers from owe on, ladies!