Netflix respond to claim that 13 Reasons Why ‘glamorises’ suicide

13 Reasons Why, Netflix’s latest series has been causing some controversy lately.

The series, produced by Selena Gomez, follows the story of 17-year-old Hannah Baker, a high-school student who ultimately takes her own life, and while many viewers have applauded the creators for tackling such an important and sensitive issue, others have suggested that the show 'glamorises' suicide.  

A statement released by Netflix to ABC News read: 

"We support the unflinching vision of the show's creators, who engaged the careful advice of medical professionals in the scriptwriting process."

"We wanted to do it in a way where it was honest, and we wanted to make something that can hopefully help people because suicide should never ever be an option."

Dan Reidenberg, executive director for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education responded to the statement saying, "There is a great concern that I have, that young people are going to over-identify with Hannah in the series, and we actually may see more suicides as a result.''

"There should be no reason, no justification whatsoever, why any kind of production – entertainment or news – would be so descriptive and so graphic."

Due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes, Twitter users have been warning people to stay away form the series if they have struggled with depression, self-harm or sexual abuse. 

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