Need! Teresa Mannion’s RTÉ report is now available as an EPIC t-shirt

Teresa Mannion became the nation's hero on Saturday after braving the elements in Galway to report live on Storm Desmond.

Never have our TV screens played witness to such a feat of bravery, as Teresa screamed over gusts of wind and rain to tell us, "DON'T make unnecessary journeys!"

As well as spawning a whole load of tweets, a céilí mash-up and some seriously impressive Photoshopping, Teresa's performance has also been immortalised in clothing form.

Irish t-shirt company Hairy Baby were quick off the mark with this "Teresa Says…" option, which we reckon will be flying off the shelves.

The new style has yet to appear on their website, so it seems the lads at Hairy Baby are still weighing up their options, but we hope it goes live soon.

While you wait, here are a couple of our favourite Teresa appearances:

What a woman.