‘Naked daycare for orange people’ The funniest #Longitude tweets

It's currently in its fourth year, and Longitude is getting bigger and more bombastic with every passing summer.

And like anything that gains popularity in Ireland, it's not long before Twitter starts getting the digs in.

Whether it's the average age of the audience or the chosen attire of this year's music fans, Twitter didn't hold back when it came to sharing its thoughts on the Marlay Park musical festival.

And here, ladies are just a few of our favourites.

1. Eh, it's called style?

2. Yep, been there. 

3. Meet your mate above. 

4. And the issue is? 

5. Don't worry; just smile and nod. 

6. Someone sounds jealous.

7. The real issues.

8.  You only have yourself to blame.

9. Yes, yes it is.