New series of Twilight movies announced

Twilight fans everywhere must be pinching themselves this morning!

While Breaking Dawn Part 2 was billed as the final movie in the blockbuster franchise, it has been revealed that a new series of short films based on the popular books is in the pipeline.

Deep breaths, everyone!

In an interesting twist on author Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling series, the new films will be directed by five separate female directors, with the shorts focusing on the world of the Twilight characters.


While few details of the project have been released as of yet, the new series will be titled The Storytellers – New Creative Voices of the Twilight Saga.

A delighted Meyer expressed her excitement for the project, saying that she is especially thrilled to be giving a platform to “the female voice”.

In a statement released today she said: “I’m honoured to be working with Women in Film, Lionsgate and Facebook on a project dedicated to giving more women a chance to be heard creatively.”

The Twilight movies have grossed a staggering $3.3 billion worldwide, making household names of lead actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

How exciting is this news? We can’t wait to see where the directors take the story.