More drama for Mel B and husband after hospital dash


Following the drama that unfolded for Mel B and her husband of seven years, Stephen Belafonte during the final week of The X Factor just before Christmas, it's no wonder that fans were alarmed to hear that Stephen had been rushed to a hospital in LA by wife recently. 

When allegations about domestic abuse came out after Mel was rushed to hospital during the final week of the talent show, it wasn’t until Christmas that she addressed them, taking to Instagram and writing: “For the record my hubby would never lay a hand on me.”

Now, more drama is in store for the family as it has been reported that Mel B had to rush her husband to hospital in LA on Tuesday morning. 

According to Gossip Cop, the reason behind the hospital visit was severe back pain and Stephen himself took to Twitter to explain that he had managed to put his back out. 

Mel B’s mum and sister hit the headlines following her stint in hospital, tweeting their frustration at not knowing if Mel was okay, confirming a very large rift in the family.