Molly-Mae faces backlash after ‘stressful’ airport experience

Molly-Mae Hague has been hit with backlash after ranting about a “stressful airport experience”.

The Love Island star was travelling to Greece with her sister but staff told her she wasn’t allowed to fly due to an issue with her QR code.

Taking to Instagram, she opened up about the “stressful” experience.

“Never had a more stressful airport experience in my life. If you’re flying to Greece/Crete or anywhere you need a QR code for them please please please make sure you do it 48 hours before your flight,” she warned.

The reality star continued, “I did mine last night and when I arrived at the airport I was told I wasn’t allowed to fly today, luckily my sister had put me on the ‘notes’ section of her QR code form and it meant I was allowed to fly.”


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“I had literally booked my car home and was sending Zoe by herself,” she shared.

The 21-year-old added, “It is SO strict and the easyJet staff were so so unhelpful and rude. Admittedly this was my fault however there is nothing on the website that tells you about a time frame.”

“I felt so bad for all the families and couples that were in the same position as me but hadn’t done the notes section thing so I just wanted to warn everyone.”

People were less than impressed with her rant given the fact that the airport staff are working during a global pandemic. 

One user expressed their anger, “Influencers really do give me a headache. molly mae is angry that it is STRICT boarding a plane to greece where covid cases are soaring. what’s not clicking girl?”

“I like Molly Mae but this is a really stupid, disappointing complaint from someone trying to leave one of the worst hit countries during a pandemic. I'm sure the staff weren't rude. Just strict, like the have to be,” one wrote.

“This isn’t a good look for molly mae tbh I do really like her but like the UK has one of the highest rates of cases in the world, you’re doing non essential travel for a holiday out of one of the worst hit countries and the poor staff are probably overworked and stressed,” another added.

“Influencers really do think they're exempt from catching Covid. Imagine travelling to Greece after being in ibiza and complaining about the staff for being strict about guidelines. Not a good look for Molly Mae, looking extremely entitled,” another said.