Modern Family actress kisses new man after traumatic break-up


Modern Family star Sarah Hyland seems to have moved on from her ex Matthew Prokop, after their traumatic break-up last year.

After the split in September, Sarah revealed that Matthew had physically and mentally abused her on numerous occasions, at one point holding her with "a grip so tight that [she] could not breathe or speak." After attempting to cut ties with Matthew, Sarah was eventually forced to file a restraining order against him, to prevent him from being within 100 yards of herself, her house or her dog.

Now though, it looks like Sarah is slowly finding happiness again after pictures were published of her sharing a romantic kiss with a mystery man while out in Hollywood.

The pair exchanged a smooch as Sarah clutched a handful of red roses… presumably a gift from her suitor.

24-year-old Sarah was out for the night in Warwick nightclub when the kiss took place. She was then seen hopping into a taxi with her new beau.

This is the first time Sarah has been seen with another man since her split from Matthew back in September.

We're so happy to see her moving on from what sounds like a very toxic relationship.