Model reveals her best kept beauty secret


Cindy Crawford is 48 years old and still manages to not look a day over thirty.

While the model likes to maintain her appearance, she doesn’t get too bogged down with it and admits her biggest beauty indulgence is a massage.

Talking to InStyle magazine, she said: “Massages are my biggest beauty indulgence; I try to get one every two weeks.”

Although, she did admit that she gets a “microdermabrasion facial every five to six weeks.”

However, she explains that her beauty regime doesn’t come naturally saying:  “My mother never wore make-up and only used soap and water to clean her face, so when I moved to New York to start modelling, I had a lot to learn. Now I take a few minutes, morning and night to apply my anti-ageing skincare”

The model says she is careful to apply SPF when outside and admits to sacrificing nuts and wine for the sake of her beauty.