Millie Mackintosh speaks out about being shamed over bump size

Millie Mackintosh has spoken out about the dangers of body-shaming pregnant women. The mum-to-be revealed that she was constantly shamed for the size of her bump during her pregnancy. She wrote: "Something that has bothered me throughout my pregnancy is people commenting on the size of my bump. I started showing quite early and people have openly commented on my appearance and size from the moment I announced I was pregnant.

"Opinions have only continued as the months rolled by, so much so I even asked my obstetrician if he was sure my due date was correct and then started quizzing him if was sure I wasn’t having twins?! Peoples statements were starting to make me question if my body was doing something out of the ordinary."


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The former Made In Chelsea star explained that she turned to Peanut to seek advice from fellow mums-to-be.

"I turned to Peanut to get advice from other women. The app has been an amazing support system for me. As soon as I voiced my concerns, I was flooded with responses from women experiencing similar things and also mum's who have since had their babies but did go through the same bump-sized ‘shaming'.


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She shared: "It’s so refreshing to be a part of a community where women are sharing advice and information (especially in the current situation we find ourselves). Connection is a fundamental part of being human (albeit at a distance right now).

"A sense of community is really important and I personally feel a great deal better since I’ve started sharing my stories," she stressed.