Miley Cyrus shells out €2m on new mansion… RIGHT beside Liam’s

We were all bowled over by news that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had reunited after their highly publicised split in 2014.

As Miley began to sport her engagement ring again, the pair spent much of the Christmas holidays together as well as Miley spending some time with Liam's family in Australia. 

And now it seems the pair are continuing to make big steps in their relationship as Miley has shelled out on a 2.4 million dollar mansion in Malibu.

Oh and the property happens to be next door to her fella's gaff. How convenient. 

According to TMZ, the property shares a driveway with Liam's house and it seems that the couple are looking to perhaps create one larger property. 

Reportedly things are getting tight in Liam's home as he constantly has friends from his home country to stay and Miley has five dogs. 

The house is allegedly to become Miley's primary address and place of residence. 

Reports indicate that the star is looking forward to spending a lot of "quiet time" with her purported fiance.