Miley Cyrus gives her fans some strange advice


Miley Cyrus wowed fans at her London concert last night and not just with her usual stage antics.

Apparently, Miley couldn’t just simply stick to singing at her Bangerz concert, no, she had to give her fans some unusual advice as well.

It seems Miley wasn’t happy to discover one of her fans was smoking at her concert and it’s not for health and safety reasons.

The We Can’t Stop singer believes her fans should smoke weed instead, because it has never killed anyone.

The singer went on to explain that she smoked for three years but stopped, because no one wanted to make out with her anymore.

Cyrus went on to say that since she gave up nicotine cigarettes, everyone wants to make out with her, including girls.

Well, that’s one way to motivate the crowd Miley, but it’s probably best you stick to the singing