MIC’s Louise Thompson gets candid about son’s ‘night terrors’

Louise Thompson has opened up about her son’s ongoing difficulties with ‘night terrors’.

The former Made In Chelsea star welcomed her son Leo in November 2021, alongside her fiancé Ryan Libbey.

As she continues to share snippets of her motherhood journey, Louise has now detailed a recent struggle that she has been having with her little boy.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, the 33-year-old re-shared recent baby monitor footage that Ryan had managed to capture, moments after she climbed into the two-year-old’s cot to soothe him.

After joking that she later had to “clamber out” of the cot, Louise went on to write: “I’ve never actually piled into the cot with Leo before but last week that changed.”

“He’s been waking up with night terrors… either that or he’s going through a bit of a ‘sleep regression’ phase and I hate hearing him cry/seeing him so panicked so i’ve been settling him back to sleep whilst lying next to him in bed. He likes the closeness and to be fully transparent I like the closeness too,” the mum-of-one explained.

The reality star then went on to express her concerns for it becoming a habit, penning: “I think I might be creating a rod for my own back given that the ‘night terrors’ may well turn into ‘any excuse to get mummy to climb into bed with me’ call outs. But we learn lessons from the many mistakes we make all along this wild journey they call parenthood.”

Describing it as “a very sweet moment,” Louise concluded her caption by praising her fiancé for managing to record the footage. 

“I’m actually really grateful to have moments like these caught on camera,” she gushed.

Many fans of the MIC alum have since taken to her comments section to reassure her on her parenting.

“You're not creating a rod, you're creating a trusted bond,” one follower replied.

“Do what works! Believe me – they won’t want you in their bed for long, embrace it whilst you can,” another added.