Michelle Keegan’s new range is designed for lockdown life


I have been in a clothing rut. There, I said it. Lockdown has gone on so long, we've been working from home for almost a year now and we've barely gone outside the door in all that time. Despite the clothes I've bought during lockdown – mainly 'going out' clothes, wishful thinking, I know – I feel like such a slob sitting around the 'home office' in sweats, woolly jumpers and fluffy socks. 

It's too easy to fall into the pattern of just pulling on whatever in the mornings – whatever's comfiest, warmest, easiest. But I could feel my confidence starting to take a hit with it. I love dressing up – so why didn't I feel like doing it? 

I guess right now, it can feel a little pointless at times. A kind of 'who's going to see it anyway' approach. But that's not the point. The point is feeling good about ourselves, about making an effort to maintain routine and some semblance of normality. Taking advantage of the home office can quickly morph into a kind of lax attitude that can be hard to crawl back out of. 

Now I'm not saying we need to all be in full office get-up everyday, but for our own mental health, feeling put together and good about ourselves can be a huge boost. Michelle Keegan's new range is that perfect mix of lounge and casual office chic, perfect for when you want to feel comfy, but look good too. 

Her latest range, now for sale in Littlewoods, functions as an almost capsule wardrobe, with coordinated and flexible pieces to suit every taste. Cosy, elegant and comfortable, her collection is a perfect blend of pieces for lockdown life. 

This textured co-ord jogger set is typical of the kind of soft pieces she uses to build the basics of her collection, the rusty orange colour and slim fit making it the perfect staple for comfy days. 

These casual and flattering tops are the perfect dressed-down way to pull off both layering and a casual office look. The colours mesh well with the utilitarian and neutral tones that are a signature palette for this collection, with the aubergine bodysuit adding a splash of unexpected colour. Paired with Mom jeans, they'll instantly upgrade your outfit or even function as a handy Zoom meeting outfit – with sweatpants off-screen of course!

Looking for something a little smarter? Michelle's classic, laid back chic look is a major influence here. The satin and utility shirts are perfect for when you're looking to be a little more glam that day. A sleek updo, tailored trousers and a dash of red lipstick and these shirts will do the rest. Functional but sophisticated, comfy just levelled up. 

Lockdown date night? Whether you're in each other's bubbles or having date night over Zoom, these are the kind of nights when it's nice to have something to wear that makes you feel special and helps you forget about lockdown at least for a little while. Luxe, cosy and sexy, this collection's wow pieces are seriously stunning. Make a statement in the jumpsuit and drop jaws with the cable knit dress – the perfect wow factor for date night.

Check out the rest of her collection here and pick out your favourites for a little lockdown boost!