Major on-stage digs at Taylor Swift during last night’s awards


We're looking forward to hearing her reaction to this.

Last night was taken over by the 2014 Country Music Awards, but there was one incredibly familiar face missing – Taylor Swift.

Taylor has made no secret of the fact she's done with country music and now wants to be a fully fledged pop star, highlighting her desire several times during recent interviews.

Well it seems that Nashville aren't going to take this lying down.

Country music stars Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley devoted much of their opening monologue to T-Swizzle's abandonment of her country roots – the country roots that made her the star she is today. And while it was all done in good fun, it's pretty obvious that there are some unfriendly feelings towards the newly-crowned pop princess.

The hosts took a page out of Taylor's own book and after many jokes regarding PPTSD (Post Partum Taylor Swift Disorder) composed a song about the new pop star and her break-up with Nashville.

 After Carrie and Brad said they were "just going to have to Shake It Off,” Taylor's fan didn't feel quite the same way, with many taking to Twitter to criticise the CMAs and defend their beloved musician.

Taylor's infamous for always having the last word in every confrontation – will this get a song on the next album?