Men think of the most tactful way to break-up


When it comes to splitting up, men really don’t have as much courage as women do – breaking news, right?

Well here’s a shocker: women, who are usually the ones to overthink and overanalyse every situation, take only six days before they finally decide that it’s over, while men can take up to a month.

Even then, they need ten more days to finally find the courage to tell their partner it’s over.

In the meantime, they spend their days in the pub with friends deciding on the most strategic way to break the news to their loved-up counterpart.

They think that a ‘careful exit strategy’ would take the pain off the breakup, even though the majority of women would rather a ‘short sharp shock’.

But, more than half of them do some serious soul-searching before deciding on what to do and one in six would even stay in an unhappy relationship if they think things will get better – nothing wrong with wishful thinking!