Meet the four new bombshells entering Love Island tonight

It’s all heating up on Love Island tonight as four brand new bombshells enter the villa for the final stretch of the series.

Tuesday night’s episode ended with yet another cliff-hanger, as viewers will now have to wait and see who the remaining Islanders have decided to save after the public vote. In the bottom four are Billy, Dami, Summer and Danica — two will stay and two will go home.

However, the spots on the sunbeds won’t be empty for too long it would seem, as four new Islanders join the show this evening. By the sound of it and judging by the drama-filled preview video, these new Islanders are ready to stir things up and make some waves in the villa!

First up we have 25-year-old dancer, Lacey, who said upon her arrival, “I am a sexy, single, show girl ready to turn some heads.”


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Meanwhile, 27-year-old professional footballer Jamie commented, “I shoot, I usually score, if I want something, I’ll go and get it.”


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23-year-old Brazilian social media influencer Nathalia is ready to bring the flirting and the fire, according to the Love Island Instagram page. Upon her entrance in tonight’s episode she said, “I am going to bring the South American spice into the Villa, I can’t wait to get my flirting game on, the girls better watch out.”


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Lastly, we have 23-year-old model Reece, who warned, “I definitely think the boys are going to be worried about me, I am tall, dark and handsome, what more does a girl want?” Reece has also never been in a relationship before and is hoping to find love in the villa.


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Unsurprisingly, the other Islanders are definitely a little shaken after hearing about the new bombshells, with 23-year-old Londoner Indiyah commenting, “I don’t think bombshells care about bonds!” 

Meanwhile, Ekin Sue revealed that her beau Davide was “buzzing” at the mention of Nathalia’s name. Will these new bombshells make some head turn? Only time will tell and we can’t wait to find out!

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV 2 this evening at 9pm.