Meadows and Byrne’s new Moss of the Isles collection is self care at its best


We’re all really excited to get out and about again, but there are times that it can feel really…overwhelming. After over a year of being locked down, seeing very few people and having very few commitments, suddenly going back to a full schedule and social calendar can feel a little like we’re drowning.

It’s important not to forget the lessons that we learned in the last year; That sometimes slowing down isn’t a bad idea, that we need to look after ourselves and not just the expectations of those around us and that sometimes, all you need is a nice soothing bath.

Side view of crop anonymous African American female in towel blowing off foam from hand in bathroom

When Dublin native aromatherapist Fiona Byrne teamed-up with Maria Herrera and Nigel Franklyn; two international spa and wellness experts and consultants who are considered veteran pioneers of the global wellness industry, Moss of the Isles was born – the ultimate selfcare investment.

Moss of the Isles is a recently launched holistic and powerful collection of face and body wellness products produced in Ireland, sourcing raw and therapeutic ingredients from Ireland and the British Isles – the very best of what mother nature has given us.

The three wellness experts combined their passion and knowledge for sustainable, ethical and effective ingredients to create beautifully soulful, nurturing and healing products for the face and body that celebrate their commitment to self-care and conscious wellness.

The collection features an Enrich Body Cream, Quiet Bath Salts, as well as three body oils – the muscle stimulating Warm Body Oil, the deep cleansing Cleanse Body Oil and the stress relieving Quiet Body Oil.

Enrich Body Cream €60, 200ml

A deeply soothing and protecting body cream, rich in nutrients to help restore skin elasticity. A nourishing blend of English White Poppy Seed, Avocado, Argan and Rosehip are combined with a fine synergy of comforting English Camomile, Lavender Fine, Palmarosa and Green Mandarin to help tone & refine the skin. Enjoy after a bath or shower on slightly wet skin to help seal in moisture.

Quiet Bath Salts €50

Mineral-rich bath soak with calming plant extracts. The perfect combination of land and sea to create a space for relaxation. Scottish Heather extract, West Cork Sea Salt and a gentle blend of Myrtle, Bergamot, Lavender fine will help promote a most restful night’s sleep. Add 1 to 2 scoops to a running bath to soothe skin, re-mineralise and to help a good night’s sleep.

Warm, Cleanse and Quiet Body Oils, €55

The Warm Body Oil is a muscle stimulating body oil to help relieve tension and aid in muscle recovery after exercise which generates a feeling of warmth.  The Cleanse Body Oil features a purifying blend of Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Marjoram and Sage, infused with Welsh Horse Chestnut conkers. The Quiet Body Oil is a nourishing body oil with stress-relieving properties.

Moss of the Isles is available exclusively though Meadows & Byrne stores nationwide.