They’re back! McFly sign record contract for first time in 10 years

McFly fans, brace yourselves.

The band has signed a new recording deal for the first time in 10 years, which means new music is finally on the way.

The Shine a Light singers revealed the news we’ve all been waiting for this morning. Tom Fletcher spoke to the BBC about the band’s exciting future.

Tension started to rise when the boy’s pursued projects of their own. Danny became a judge on The Voice, Harry took part and won Strictly Come Dancing, Tom started writing children’s books and Dougie joined new bands A and INK.

“There was a strong possibility McFly would never happen again. We genuinely didn't know how to get back on track,” the Star Girl singer revealed.


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Harry Judd added, “Although we never thought they would, things got a bit weird between us. We tried to talk it out a couple of times over those years and it just was very unproductive.”

“A lot of those things became the unspoken issues. These are your best friends, who you want to be stood on stage with – and seeing them do things without you is really difficult to deal with,” he continued.

"In hindsight, what we really needed was a break to realise how much we needed McFly.”

Fletcher explained that the band’s O2 gig helped kickstart this new chapter.

McFly will release new music later this month. Their comeback single has been described as having a “festival vibe” and we cannot wait to hear it!